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About Us

Dasippfm  /   DaSippXm

DaSippFM Started in July 2011 Jackson, Mississippi Area

DaSippFM is a high quality digital radio station broadcasting live 24/7. 
We play only up and coming Mississippi R&B/Hip-Hop artists, producers, songwriters 
and performers, giving the world new music from Mississippi artists First! 
((( Live Broadcast )))

DaSippFM is an official radio station on iTunes and is easy to find on any computer
with iTunes. Just open iTunes, look in the left column and select radio. Then select
hip-hop/rap and look for DaSippFM. Listeners can also go to the website and click
play without downloading a device. Mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, 
Blackberry and other smart phones/devices with internet can download "Tunein" free 
app from DaSippFM or app Market to play our programs at anytime anywhere with
true CD quality. 

DaSippFM is supported by Mississippi artists though mixtapes, live concerts, 
street promotion teams, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, websites and other 
promotional tools. Mississippi artists also support DaSippFM by supplying us with 
new music for our daily programs making DaSippFM the first station to release 
their newest hits.

DaSippFM is now accepting sponsors. By becoming a sponsor of DaSippFM, you
will be able to place commercial spots on the station's daily programs at a very low rate. 
Sponsors also receive a visual ad on DaSippFM's home page. By advertising on DaSippFM, 
your company can reach thousands of people daily world wide. DaSippFM's sponsorship 
program is also used to help Mississippi artists who can not afford to rerecord, mix and 
master their potential hit music.

DaSippFM can provide a commercial recording studio with producers to help record 
effective advertising commercial ads for your business that can be played on DaSippFM

as well as other radio stations. Studio rates may apply.  

Download the Tunein app Free! and search DaSippFm to listen to Mississippi Artist on you Smart Phone!!